"Reality Reflections" is a livestream concert series highlighting Canadian, independent electronic artists.

Reality Reflections was conceptualized to showcase some of Canada’s coolest and most unique DIY, electronic-based bedroom producers in one virtual concert series. For our second show, we will be featuring Charlie D performing from Vancouver BC, PLAZAS performing from Toronto ON, Blue Odeur performing from Montreal QC & Crying High performing from Victoria BC. 

This livestream event, hosted by 2010 Records founder Charlie Darragh, is something he’d had in mind prior to the pandemic because the convenience and limitless reach of the internet is inarguable. An online show eliminates the fees of booking venues and artists can perform from their homes in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary—anywhere with the internet, really.


Of course, nothing is as interactive and immersive as a real-life live show. But as technology improves and pandemics occur, the bedroom performance will become more and more needed and advanced.


This is the second event in the series. In their first event they featured acts The Golden Age of Wrestling, Blue Odeur, Daffodil ,and Charlie D. As 2010 Records’ roster grows and more and more Canadian electronic artists step out onto the scene they plan to keep hosting these events to better showcase these emerging musicians. 


At the end of the show, we will be premiering the new album from Crying High “Victory” in its entirety before the official release on September 18th.


DK poloroid portrait denelle.jpg

Special day before preview of Crying High's new album "Victory"

Tune in here:

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