"All Summer Long" out now

 "All Summer Long" is a heat stroke induced Cyndi Lauper hallucination straight from the heart. The song was originally written by Italo-disco artist Anneclaire in the 80s, but Crying High's cover slows the tempo down about 40 BPM as well as adding layers of reverb to make it the perfect anthem to cap off this hazy last month of Summer.


The song features Suzannah Raudaschl & Joseph Leroux of the band Bridal Party and it is mastered by Ritchie Hemphill from Cartoon Lizard. Both legendary indie bands from Victoria, BC.

The single is accompanied with a nostalgic lyric video made by Crying High that will make you feel like you are at the top of the Hollywood Hills looking down on the 1980s holodeck Los Angeles landscape.

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