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Rather than being inspired by a specific genre, but rather various eras of music, Charlie D pulls inspiration from the musical palettes of the late 80s synth-pop, to 90s grunge, up to early 2000s garage rock and post-punk.  With lyrics drenched in irony and dipped in reverb, Charlie D croons about the human condition and state of the world satirically and unapologetically. Despite the fact Charlie's music feature's analog instruments such as guitar and bass, his music is made entirely electronically using Ableton. On April 30th 2021, Charlie released his debut EP "Still Trying" under the moniker "Charlie D". Charlie's ambition with this EP was to recreate the sound of the early 2000s indie garage rock scene. Growing up in the early 2000s, Charlie discovered music at that time with bands including The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, etc. That sound always stuck with him and later in life he discovered electronic music and wanted to blend the two sounds.

"Feeling very inspired by the world’s situation right now, Vancouver based artist by the name of Charlie D has released his first song today. Charlie is putting out “We Don’t Have To Try Anymore” under the DIY record label 2010 Records, which he founded himself.
Charlie finds himself writing about his fears, anxieties, and frustrations with today’s society. So, this single came from the non-creative mindset, and not feeling the urge to write a hit, leading him to the idea of just not trying, which he then related that subject to the world’s current situation.
“We Don’t Have To Try Anymore” is a tune to mock today’s society in a very catchy way; topped with Charlie D’s distinct voice, a repetitive beat, and a killer guitar riff, which could even be compared to Jack Stauber’s music."

- Sarah Evangelista; The Music Enthusiast

“We Don’t Have To Try Anymore” is the debut single from Vancouver’s Charlie D. It’s like dream-pop but with darker tones and enough oddities to leave you feeling amused and a little strange… just like waking up from a weird dream."

- Jeshaiah David; Cups N Cakes

Charlie D’s debut EP [Still Trying] is a trilogy of bedroom tracks experimenting with recreating the sound of garage rock through MIDI instruments and Ableton Live. Still Trying glows with charm through its DIY, lo-fi production and its early 2000’s Strokes-esque vocal distortion. It’s a beautiful display of the fun in exploring the different pastures of creating music.

-Brandon Kruze; Cups N Cakes