Rather than being inspired by a specific genre, but rather an era of music, Charlie D pulls inspiration from the nostalgic musical palettes of late 80s up to early 2000s such as shoegaze, acid house, indie garage rock, 90s alt grunge, synth-pop and subtle hints of techno. With lyrics drenched in irony and reverb, Charlie D croons about the human condition and state of the world satirically and unapologetically.

INFLUENCES: George Clanton, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Puzzle, Enjoy, Negative Gemini, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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"“We Don’t Have To Try Anymore” is a tune to mock today’s society in a very catchy way; topped with Charlie D’s distinct voice, a repetitive beat, and a killer guitar riff, which could even be compared to Jack Stauber’s music." - The Music Enthusiast